Affordable Gift Ideas For Kids Happy New Year 2018

Affordable Gift Ideas For Kids

Affordable Gift Ideas For Kids

We live in a world that is “Go go go”; rush and chase our dreams. Eventually we overlook the nearest treasure for which we run once. Thus we lead to a boring life and force our children to follow the same. This is not the way to live well. Fulfillment of dreams is not the last thing of our life. Indeed, living a life with lots of love and affection with family is a lovelier thing to cherish in your life. So why to run? Show some attention to your kids and enlighten your kids’ life with your presence at least. Here I’m going to share some easy steps to make your kids happy and feel great. Also, I’ll share some cool affordable gift ideas for kids which you can present on the eve of the happy New Year 2018.

  1. Drop Everything – Be present with your kids

    We mostly remain attached to phone, computer or other gadget along with our daily scheduled routine. Work should be done regularly timely, but make sure; sometimes you drop all those accessories. Put away your phone, computer and other gadget for a day, which makes you stay away from your kids. Start it at the end or beginning of the year. You require nothing exciting to do. Just be there with your kids and your presence only demonstrates your love. This is the worthiest gift for your children. These gift ideas for kids don’t empty your wallet but surely make you rich with love and affections.

  2. Talk – Listen – Sing – Dance

    Kids are fond of stories. Just explore your childhood stories with the different name of all characters. Kids love the stories of kids. Especially when it relates to their parents. So, reveal the truth at last. Your kids will become the fan of you.
    Sometimes, force yourself to listen to your kids, though their words are not relevant. Your attention will make your kids gradually creative.
    Even if you are not much a singer, try to make up a special song for your little heart and let your kids realize that this is their family song.
    Or else, turn on some smooth fun tunes to twist your body around your baby. Have a lot of fun together. These all gift ideas for kids don’t make you poor but definitely rich you again with love and affection.

  3. Go on outing – Participate together

    Let’s have few more gift ideas for kids, which will not lose weight of your wallet. An outing doesn’t mean to be expensive or fancy. Go to a nearby location to involve yourselves in activities. Like visit a local park to have fun or go for fishing together. Also, surprise family picnic can make your kids happiest.

It’s time to have some affordable gift ideas for kids which can be available online and in the reasonable price. Kids are fond of presents, gifts and especially the surprise gifts.

4. Kids Stickers for Kids Room

gift ideas for kids - wall stickers

gift ideas for kids – wall stickers

Stickers are cheap, quick and popular among kids of all ages. You can buy those stickers from the online store like Amazon (US) or (India). Decorate the room to surprise your baby. Or even, together you can decorate the room to make your kids involved in activities. Making your kids take part in activities, can help them creative and increase their imagination power.

5. Tattoos for Kids

gift ideas for kids - temporary tattoos for kids

gift ideas for kids – temporary tattoos for kids

There are plenty tattoos available online, which safe to use on skin and these are temporary. Kids love those tattoos. May you have seen their excitement when they get one or two tattoo stickers in chocolate or any other items of kids? So, let’s make them happier by getting many tattoos of their superhero or something else.

new year gift ideas 2018new year gift ideas 2018

6. Fingerlings

gift ideas for kids - fingerlings

gift ideas for kids – fingerlings

Friendship at your fingertips, how cute is that! This tiny gift is such adorable and cute to your kid as cute is your child to you. This tiny gift can become most adorable partner of your baby. Because Fingerlings respond to sound, motion, and touch. Also they blink, turns head, they blow back your kisses even. Hang them upside down with their tail, they will talk monkey babble. Pet them to sleep and make a loud noise to watch their reaction. Such acute and adorable present is this, which can be the best among all the gift ideas for kids.

new year gift ideas 2018new year gift ideas 2018

7. Hot Wheel Apptivity

This is an amazing technology. If you have iPad, then you can give your kids for some time, as they always look into your gadgets. When you give your iPad to your kids yourself, they will surprised and will have an extra load of fun with Hot Wheel. These toys built with anti-scratch technology and be sure your iPad’s touch screen will remain safe. The game base has 3 mods and you can download them from iTunes.


new year gift ideas 2018new year gift ideas 2018

8. L.O.L Surprise Dolls

gift ideas for kids - lol surprise ball

gift ideas for kids – lol surprise ball

If your kids obsessed with surprises, and often asking for a surprise gift pack, this will be the best to gift nurture. L.O.L surprise dolls comes in a ball shape filled with 7 layers of surprises. Those L.O.L surprise dolls cries, spits, tinkles if your kids try bathing them or feed them water. Their color changes too.

new year gift ideas 2018new year gift ideas 2018

9. Kinetic Sand

This is amazing kit can help your kids creative and imaginary. Play-doh already been loved by many children in all age. But this amazing sand is occupying heart of many children. It doesn’t stick with the carpet or floor; it has the ability to stick with itself. Let your child feel the beach in the home. Also, your participation adds a more fun among your kids.

new year gift ideas 2018new year gift ideas 2018

The list of gift ideas for kids on the moment of the happy New Year 2018, can be endless. But, just remember, kids love activities, the present of parents and customized gifts more. A gift can make your kids happy for a moment, but your presence always leaves a deep impact. The magic power of 3 Words “I Love You”, cuddles and hugs can make happier and healthier life for both, children and parents. Hence, don’t overlook or avoid these three powerful elements in your life. Don’t just let your child miss these three as those valuable gifts never alternate these.

These are the most affordable gift ideas for kids to present on the eve of New Year 2018, according to my knowledge and opinion. If you think I have missed something more interesting and valuable to add here, please let me know. Drop your suggestion and review in the comment section.


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